A three-piece that combine catchy hooks and pop grooves with a quirky Rock vibe, drawing influences from the likes of Weezer and Supergrass, Queen and Ian Dury, the band have built up a strong and loyal following around the live circuit.

2016 saw the band visit Magic Garden Studios to work on their debut album ‘The Misadventures of…’ which is due for release at the end of 2017. ‘Charlie Bonkers’, the first single from the album, is available now!

The new single, ‘Charlie Bonkers’ has recently been played on several radio stations, including:

BBC Radio WM, TalkRadio, Switch 107.5FM, Salford FM, SRBradio.com, chatandspinradio.com, Rock NA Radio, Express FM, Radio Wigwam, Soundlab Radio, Dunoon Radio, Audio Graffiti, The James Whale Radio Show, Choice Radio Worcester, Whythenshawe FM, Control Radio, Oban FM, and Vixen 101.

Nine Dart Finish have just had interviews aired on SRBradio.com and chatandspinradio.com. The promotional video for the new single ‘Charlie Bonkers’ has been given an exclusive feature on themusicsite.com and an interview with the band has been published on thesoundlabuk.co.uk.

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*protected email*

“Having had the opportunity to hear a couple of their songs, I am looking forward to the forthcoming EP” – emergingindiebands.com, review for Fabio’s Overture

“The chorus is one that sticks in your head all day everyday and it’s one where you find yourself singing, humming, and tapping it out loud all the time” – All good Music resembles something music blog, reviewing ‘You don’t bother me’

“This debut single definitely hints at great things to come – it’s so catchy and full of sunny optimism and verve” – Amazon customer review, ‘You don’t bother me’

We are:


Christopher Mobbs – Guitar, Vocals

Daz Yardley – Vocals, Bass

Andy Proudman – Drums, Hair