Hello again our friends,

We would like to thank everyone that came and supported us at the Actress & Bishop last Saturday night.  We’d also like to thank Arthur from The Catapult Club for, again, asking us to perform there.  It was kind of nice to just get up on stage and crank up the volume. We think that you’ll agree that the sound was awesome and a big thanks must go out to James Walsh, Sound Man Extraordinaire – he even sorted out a Drum Monitor for Andy! It was nice not to worry too much about all our equipment for a change as we weren’t headlining. Note: must get some roadies for future headline gigs!

It’s also been a relaxing week for us in the studio which was a nice change.  We’ve really had a chance to be creative with some new ideas and work on some songs that are almost ready to play live, they just needed a final polish.  We even had a chance to play some old classics that needed the cobwebs blown off them.

This week, we’ve also been preparing for the final big shoot for the second single ‘Fabio’s Overture’, which will be shot in a top secret location.  Don’t even try and find out from us, as we have been trained to withstand all methods of questioning on this subject.  We can’t wait for you lot to hear the Single as it shows a different side to us; plus the video will work really well with the story in the song.  Excited doesn’t even come close to describing how we’re feeling about this.

Keep a look out for more news from us here!