July 2014 Round Up…….

Wow what a month!

This month started with a bang; we released our second single ‘Fabios’s Overture’ on most MP3 download platforms.  The single also got played on Stoo Pittaway’s radio show as his Unsigned Band of the Week; his show is on Switch Radio on Monday and Tuesday afternoons from 13:00.  We would like to thank Stoo for the continued support.

In between studio rehearsals and working hard on new music for you guys,  we’ve started the planning for the release of an EP later this year.  We are very excited about this EP and will be working hard to make sure it is full of what we are about, both on and off the stage.  So keep a look out on here and our social media feeds for more details.

To finish this month off we had a smashing main support performance at The Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham.  We would like to say thanks to Chris Johnson Presents for again putting us on the line up.  It was a great night with a great set from Hope Street and a top Headline set from Revolver. If you would to see some photos from the evening then head over to JustClairePhotography‘s facebook page. While you’re there give it a little like too!

So, onwards and upwards to August and the Headline gig we’ve
got booked up at The Victoria in Birmingham.  If you would like to know more about this then head over to the Event Page on Facebook.  Its simmering away nicely to be a great night, we’ve got new tunes and a full headline set that we’re polishing up for you RIGHT NOW!


“Fabio’s Overture” Is Here

Yes, it’s the 4th of July and we are a Independent band releasing a single on Independence Day! If you would like to download our single please click one of the following links below;

Click to download from: iTunes

Click to download from: GooglePlay

Click to download from: Amazon

We are also on Spotify for all you streaming-music junkies out there.

So.. we’ve done all the hard work setting up these links to help you enjoy our music more, you know what to do next!! #Bringonthenoise

Thanks again for all your support.

Fabio's Overture Single Cover

4th of July is nearly here!

4th of July… we all know what that means. Well, we would if it meant the same to everyone.

The French, on the 4th of July 1634, founded the city of Trois-Rivières in New France, later to become the Canadian province of Quebec.

To people from the United States it means remembering Independence Day, first declared in 1776.

On the 4th of July 1827, slavery was abolished in New York.

On the 4th of July 1865, the first edition of “Alice in Wonderland” was published.

The 4th of July also happens to be the day that I had my first proper conversation with my beloved…

BUT!! In the context of what is essentially an announcement of musical significance, there is something more pressing about this particular 4th of July; as tomorrow sees the release of our second single ‘Fabio’s Overture’.

As with our first single, you can get a copy from the usual suspects; Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay Store, Spotify, WiMP, Rhapsody etc, but if you can’t wait that long then head over to our Youtube channel to check out the promotional video.

We hope you enjoy it!

Andy & Nine Dart Finish xx

Blood, sweat, trials and tribulations…..

Ok we have finally done it, we have been working hard for this moment and want to make sure we got it right for you guys!

Here is the Video for “Fabio’s Overture” we hope you you enjoy!

This single is out the 4th July on most major digital platforms.

_DSC2539 - Version 2

Now The Dust Has Settled….

Now the dust has settled on what was a fantastic evening at The Rainbow in Digbeth, Birmingham, we’ve had a chance to think about the night. We played with some top bands, including a great headline set from The Mumblecores.  We really loved the grunge-punk sound they blasted out for us all and definitely would recommend seeing them live if they land near you.

Now on to the business of promoting the next single for us; you will be seeing lots of posts in the coming weeks as we lead up to the release of ‘Fabio’s Overture’.  This single is to be released on the 4th July, put that date on your calendar.

We have also got a great looking video for Fabio’s Overture which we will be putting on our YouTube channel in due course.  Bet that you lot can’t wait!

So in the next few days keep a look out on our social media feeds for more details!

Love From,

Nine Dart Finish

rainbow gig

Thought for the day

“Because you have things like ‘American Idol’ and you’ve got radio stations that play music made entirely by computers, it’s easy to forget there are bands with actual people playing actual instruments that rock”. – Dave Grohl

Morning all!

It’s a beautiful day!! Some might say that it’s a perfect day for getting a cold beer and relaxing to the sounds of some top local bands (hint hint!!)

Yep, in case the hint wasn’t too obvious, tonight’s the night! Get yourselves down to the Rainbow on Digbeth high street tonight for some marvelous musical mayhem. Doors open at 6.30pm, we’re on around 9pm. It’ll be great to see you!

rainbow gig



Fabio's Overture Single Cover

Fabio’s Overture: Artwork Is Here…..

At long last, the final stages of the release of our long-awaited second single are under way and we wanted to share something with you, yes just you.

We have all been working hard on the artwork; it has to represent our next single and us as a band. We’ve spent many hours in darkened rooms looking at photos, text types and many a cup of coffee has been drunk. Well; Andy drank coffee. (cough)

So we are pleased to share with you, the artwork for ‘Fabio’s Overture’:

Fabio's Overture Single Cover

Come and tell us what you think through our social media platforms, we always love to hear from you guys.

But don’t forget we have our next gig, this Friday, at The Rainbow in Digbeth, Birmingham. £5 on the door or if you contact us then you can grab a ticket for guaranteed entertainment…..

Keep a look out for exciting news from us in the next week or so.

Loves you!

Andy Stamp Portrait

Hot and Sticky…

What’s hot and sticky?

A Stick on a bonfire.

What else is hot and sticky? Well, this afternoon we’ll be getting hot and sticky for your benefit. That’s right.. your benefit! This afternoon will see the Nine Dart Finish boys taking part in the final shoot for the new single’s video (coming out in June!). Apparently, the big G, or whoever you like to think sits up in the clouds dispensing wisdom and freakish weather conditions, has blessed us with another sweltering day. Normally I’d be embracing the sunshine (not literally; that would be inadvisable) but this afternoon we’ll be hiding indoors in our top secret location, playing our guitars, bashing the drums, doing all the things that Michael Fish would advise you not to do in a heatwave.

So if you’re out enjoying the sunshine today, think of us… and as the great Freddy Mercury once said.. “if you guys wanna move around and shift your asses a little… It’s okay by us. You can take all your clothes off if you like too”*

*(During a concert in Montreal, Canada, (24 or 25 November 1981), first released as videotape We Will Rock You (1984), and later on DVD as Queen Rock Montreal (2007)
Chris Stamp Portrait

Actress & Bishop Gig and other thoughts

Hello again our friends,

We would like to thank everyone that came and supported us at the Actress & Bishop last Saturday night.  We’d also like to thank Arthur from The Catapult Club for, again, asking us to perform there.  It was kind of nice to just get up on stage and crank up the volume. We think that you’ll agree that the sound was awesome and a big thanks must go out to James Walsh, Sound Man Extraordinaire – he even sorted out a Drum Monitor for Andy! It was nice not to worry too much about all our equipment for a change as we weren’t headlining. Note: must get some roadies for future headline gigs!

It’s also been a relaxing week for us in the studio which was a nice change.  We’ve really had a chance to be creative with some new ideas and work on some songs that are almost ready to play live, they just needed a final polish.  We even had a chance to play some old classics that needed the cobwebs blown off them.

This week, we’ve also been preparing for the final big shoot for the second single ‘Fabio’s Overture’, which will be shot in a top secret location.  Don’t even try and find out from us, as we have been trained to withstand all methods of questioning on this subject.  We can’t wait for you lot to hear the Single as it shows a different side to us; plus the video will work really well with the story in the song.  Excited doesn’t even come close to describing how we’re feeling about this.

Keep a look out for more news from us here!