You may think that we’ve been a bit quiet for a while, but that’s only in the public eye. Take this week for example; at the start we got into the studio to work on new material for all of you lovely members of the Nine Dart Finish universe to listen to, highly enjoyable for us as we don’t get to just work on new material that often.

We’ve been for a meeting with the director of the promo video for the (upcoming) second single. We had a good session running through final ideas and locations for this project. We just can’t wait to get this shot and edited for you lot. Fingers crossed it’ll be the middle of May.

Plus we all wanted to revisit some of the home demo recordings we’ve worked on in the past; we felt that we could do more with the ‘Rain’ demo in particular.  So we did a few over dubs and re-mixed the track again.  After a few hours of good hard work (and fun) we ended up with something we were happy with. So, to have a listen please click this link: ‘Rain’ – Re-Mastered.

So even though it seems a bit quiet and that we’re not up to much, think again! We are always doing something to try and entertain our fans.

Thanks again for all your support.