So last night we begun the journey to Magic Garden Studio’s, where we have started working and rehearsing on tracks that we will be recording for a future album release…DSC_1132 (1) Spending many hours on new tracks and refining old tracks that we feel need Gavin’s attention in the studio. We feel these tracks will also compliment the tracks already recorded.PANO_20160209_213702

So we have talked long and hard regarding what tracks we will be taking to Gavin and we think we have made the correct choices.  Feel free to made be throw us a curve ball as they say, see if we have missed something out?IMG_20160203_072450So to keep up with all the news of our hard work, just keep popping on here and all our social media feeds!

We would like to say thank you to you all for your amazing support, as all we want to do is make something special…

Peace & Love!