Well other than the normal fun and games us boys get up to we’ve also been busy too! With two gigs and some very productive song writing…


So firstly we had a lovely time at The Shirley Beer and Cider Festival where the crowd was amazing, we couldn’t of expected anything more.  From an excellent day out with our families to meeting some great people!

13239291_10154096994118991_1394122576979937859_nAgain thanks to Tim Catley for asking us to perform.

The second event was a brand new night at The Big Bulls Head in Digbeth, Birmingham. To say the event is interesting would be a understatement……


From two live bands each bringing their own style of Rock/Punk/Pop to the evening, we then had two DJ’s dropping some excellent Drum and Bass/DubStep tracks.

13255901_10154113993373991_6984427407712148021_n Now if that wasn’t enough for you, we also had free Tip Tops getting thrown all over the place! Thanks to Louise Woodley for the invite to play!

We like to say thanks to all the new people that we have met and to the usual pretty faces that we know and love!

Keep an eye out for more Gig News!!!