Hi folks,

You may have noticed that all is getting a bit quiet around these parts, but have no fear we are hard at work on new material and getting new content sorted for your entertainment. Plus there is also a wedding to plan.  Yes Daz is getting married to the lovely Andrea later this year, well in about two months now.10931003_10153583104674816_3279098737973324135_n (1)Before all of that we are to have a stag do for Daz, hopefully we’ll have a very special episode of “The Un-Seen” uploaded a few days after.  So keep a look out for that peach of a video.

Now on to more recent events.  As we said earlier, we are hard at work writing new material and creating more content for you guys and we thought it would be a good idea to let you in and see.  So here is a new episode of “The Un-Seen” from The Oxygenrooms.

Warning contains adult humour and Ken Dodd.

Word of warning, if we look quiet expect something to happen!