London Mission Itinery.
  1. Meet at secret location somewhere in the West Midlands.
  2. Perform several lunges.
  3. Travel down the M40. DSC_1342
  4. Sat-nav qualms.
  5. Arrive at the Pilgrim; drink.
  6. Perform more lunges.
  7. Soundcheck, watch footie, drink.DSC_1361
  8. Lunges.
  9. Smash the shit out of London.
  10. Load the Finish-mobile.DSC_1356
  11. Do one. 
  12. Sat-nav qualms
  13. Have a long conversation with cops.
  14. Lunges.
  15. Do one.
  16. M40 to Andy’s house for Beer, Andy’s dazzling sauces and a chat with the cat.DSC_1362
  17. Peace and Love.


See you Tomorrow!!!, at our Headline Gig @ the Victoria for some Nine Dart Finish, February, Friday Frolics.